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Twice Upon a Marigold

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Twice Upon a Marigold
Written by Jean Ferris

Mm, is it just me, or were several plot points completely dropped? I mean, I am half asleep, but did Edric's story just...disappear? Very strange. I was disappointed by the lack of resolution and the easy-ending. Disappearing Olympia? That wasn't a very good way to deal with her. I did highly like the role played by Angie, though. The characters were great this time around--Sleeping Beauty's half sister and Stan Lucasa (I just KNEW his name was an anagram, I can't believe I didn't figure that one out!), totally original, never saw them coming. While true, I did find the story a little shaky plotwise (well, at least until after the rebellion. Should have just ended with Olympia turning into Angie, no 'vanishings', etc), I still thought the writing was as classic Jean Ferris as ever. She's a genius, the way she writes her fairy tales in such a contemporarily ancient way, capable of blending two time periods seamlessly.
one last note: Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought Marigold was surely expecting a child (grumpiness, references to Wendell taking her first child?) I mean, I know these things are usually highly predictable, and I thought this was a perfect subtle (but not too subtle) way to introduce the idea! *wants a miniMarigold*

Rating: 4.5/5

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