Monday, December 8, 2008

Cracked up to Be

just finished: Cracked up to Be
reading next: Strider

Cracked up to Be
written by Courtney Summers

I really loved this book. While the very beginning left me slightly queasy (the language/content really needs to be toned down), I highly enjoyed the rest. The other reviewers were right. This is one book where the ending really reverberates and it's not one you're likely to forget. I loved the big moments. There were times when I thought I knew, without a doubt, what was going to happen, but then pleasantly found out that I was completely wrong. The revelation that Jessie was her best friend was a shocking one, but it explained a lot and really made sense in a weird way. Jake was another surprise, albeit an awesome one. The ending, like I said earlier, was stunning and perfect, although I do wish there was more time given to the "after". I have one problem though, with books such as this one and Speak. The protagonists of both books were, at some point, popular. Despite their falls from popularity, it is still quite hard to relate to these characters, since even now, they are popular in popularity. The majority of people dealing with issues such as these are quiet recluses, not the kids in the spotlight. It's just something that really bugs me. Still. Astoundingly good story, and I won't let that small detail ruin it for me.

Rating: 5/5


  1. Anonymous9.12.08

    I loved this one, too. It was impossible for me to stop reading once I'd started!

  2. I love books that force me to sit there and read them in one sitting :) They are, without a doubt, the best kind (and the kind I had been sorely missing before reading Cracked up to Be!)


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