Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paper Towns

just finished: Paper Towns
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I had the blue cover, by the way

Paper Towns

written by John Green

A big part of me really wants to give this book a one star rating. I did not think it ended in the best of ways, and I will still forever think that An Abundance of Katherines was the better book. However, I'm begrudgingly going to have to give this a five star rating, because WOW. The writing, as always, was splendid. Maybe all teens don't talk like that. Maybe some of the witticism were a bit too witty. But, boy did it all make for an enjoyable read. The characters all come to life and we all wish we knew a Margo Roth Spiegelman. Maybe some of us already do. The quirkiness of them all was something we could all relate to (me, particularly to the constant usage of 'Omnictionary' :D) The plot was the only place the book lacked 'oomph'. While I thoroughly loved the idea of it all being, well, one big treasure hunt, there were areas where it seemed to falter. Some of the road trip was gut-busting hilarious, while other parts were just...dull. I did read through this book in one sitting and was thoroughly engrossed by it, but as much as I love driving, didn't anyone else think there was a bit too much time spent in cars? And then the ending. They find her. She's not dead (cue huge sigh of relief). But she's not going back with them. So...what's the difference between that and her being dead? They're still not coming back home with a Margo Ruth Spiegelman. She's been found and she doesn't want to be, and the whole treasure hunt, the whole story kind of seems to lack a point.

Rating: 5/5...just barely.

And I leave you for now with a quote.
"The last time I was this scared, I actually had to face a Dark Lord in order to make the world safe for wizards."
[yeah, so that may or may not have had an influence on my rating ;)]

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