Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting the Girl

Getting the Girlwritten by Markus Zusak

It was refreshing to, once again, read a great book with a male protagonist who writes, and not only that, writes really really well. As in, with the exact style that I would love someday to write in, flowy but not overly descriptive, just about the world and life and how everything fits together. You go into the book a little confused by/about all the characters, and come out wishing you knew them all, especially protagonist Cameron. I thought it would just be a typical "guy" book, expecting, you know, murder, car chases, whatever. Who knew you could write a YA romance with a side of bromance, feauturing a main male character? (Well, other than John Green). Cam is the guy every girl wishes she had, I just don't think he knows it! Quiet, sensitive, writer with the sweetest and deepest thoughts, sounds perfect to me! I thought the entire story was well-paced (not to mention, well-spaced, thank you, double spacing authors, we love you!). The ending was a little all over the place, and I wish there was more resolution with Octavia, but it was very sweet, tying up both the brotherly stories and the romantic ones. Amazing read.

Rating: 4.5/5

Also of note? This was my 100th book of the year.
(the number is dismally low, but since it's such a pretty, even number, I'll take it)