Friday, February 27, 2009

Time Windows

Time Windows
written by Kathryn Reiss

So it seems that most readers really enjoyed Time Windows, and I have to wonder if they've read any of Reiss's other books. For a more juvenile crowd, I suppose Time Windows would be more appealing, but for the most part, I felt that it was a lot worse than her other books. It's just not as interesting, with a lot of down-time. The big mystery doesn't really kick in majorly until halfway through the book. The characters are pretty cookie-cutter, uninteresting, standard characters, nothing special. Parts are very predictable (although some of the bigger twists at the very end, they are pretty impossible to predict). It's really just not Reiss's best work, and the ending left me cringing--worse even than the "it was all a dream" ending.

Rating: I'd say 2/5 compared to her other books, 3/5 in general.

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