Monday, February 9, 2009

If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince?

If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince?
written by Melissa Kantor

This book was written in a very easy-to-relate, lighthearted way, highly reminiscent of everyone's favorite The Princess Diaries! The metaphors in this were extremely effective, and I'm really not one to say that lightly. When they were used, they were used in such a way so as not to be distractive, but to genuinely contribute to the writing. They don't seem forced in the slightest. The characters frustrated me for a while, and I was unable to see where they were coming from (particularly the basketball loving, popularity seeking main character), but soon, I did grow to tolerate them, some more than others. One thing I really loved about this book was that the main romantic interest was not incredibly obvious from the start. He was introduced subtly, although in the end, he seamlessly blends in to the rest of the story. Kantor not only breaks the cliches, she addresses them quite clearly before doing so, written in a very 'in your face' manner. I didn't like the title, and it wasn't actually the length of it that disturbed me--it was the fact that while, yes, she was looking for a prince, for the majority of the book, she was convinced she already had a 'prince' and the focus was more on the stepfamily than anything. Still, I loved it. I didn't agree with everything the characters said or did, but in the end, everything was adorably charming and thoroughly lovable.

Rating: 4.5/5

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