Friday, February 27, 2009

100 Posts & A Contest!

Whoohoo! This is my 100th blog post!

In celebration of that and the lovely people who read this, I've decided to [finally] hold my first contest. I'm giving away a brand new hardcover copy of Jay Asher's amazing Thirteen Reasons Why.
So, the rules:

To Enter, simply leave a comment telling me why you read YA books.

In your comment, please include your e-mail address. I will be posting the name of the winner here, as well as e-mailing them.

Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, this contest is open to U.S. Residents ONLY.

Earn extra entries:

One extra
by becoming a follower (or simply letting me know you already are a follower, if that's the case)

One extra
for posting about this contest on your blog (sidebar links are fine)

Contest ends midnight, March 27.

Thanks to everyone who's been supporting me in my obsessive reading, here's to 100 more :)


  1. I read YA because they are more real. Even the romance stories aren't cheesy. They make me understand my problems and help me escape more than adult or children's books.

    I am also a follower.


  2. I read YA because YA is fantabulous! The books are great, the authors are great, the readers are great, etc...What not to love?

    I'm a follower.

    ~bella aire~


  3. omgosh i loved this book! congrats on your 100th post, i hope to be still blogging by mine. i read ya to be another person for a day. to be in a more exciting life--and to learn things about myself and others.

  4. Anonymous5.3.09

    Hi! nice contest by the way. I read YA because I get to be another person for a day and deal with their problems rather then mine. Also I like YA fiction better then anyother fiction because I can relate to the characters more. my e - mail is and my name's J.J.

  5. I loved this book and would love to have a copy in my classroom! I am a follower and I have posted this on my sidebar.

    Thanks for hosting!


  6. Oops! Forgot the most important part, I read YA books because I am going to be a high school English teacher and I am hoping to offer and extensive in-classroom library to my students...and I love YAL!!


  7. Anonymous12.3.09

    Congrats on the 100th! Even though I am no longer a teen, I have never been able to stop reading YA. Maybe because in my mind I still am 16 or that some issues you deal with as a teen, never really go away.


  8. I read YA books because I am a high schooler and they focus on a lot of high school issues. It's fun to be able to read about things that you have to deal with and realize that maybe your life isn't so bad or maybe you wish your life was like the main character's. I am a follower and I would love to win 13 Reasons Why. I have read it but I borrowed it from a friend and I would love to have my own copy. Thanks for the contest!

  9. I read YA fiction because it makes me feel like I'm not alone in the world.
    I'm following your bolg.

  10. Congrats on your one hundredth post!
    I loved this book so much! Unfortunately I borrowed it from the library so don't have my own copy but of course would love to enter to try and get it. :D
    I read YA because it's so great! Also because I am a young adult so I can relate to a lot of it. I'm pretty sure that when I'm not a young adult I'll still enjoy it as much though hehehe
    Thanks for the contest!
    lc_intocable [at]yahoo [dot]com

  11. I would love to enter and I already follow! :)

    Oh, and I read YA because all of the amazing authors out there ( Meg Cabot, Sarah Dessen, Julia Hoban, Gayle Forman) create such great stories and characters, that I can defiantly relate to! Plus, YA books are extremely fast reads.

  12. YA authors are producing some of the most exciting, innovative books around - that's why I read YA.

    Still haven't read this book and I don't have a copy so I would love to win!

    I'm a follower already.

  13. I read YA because it is awesome! It's one of the most creative areas in the entirety of literature right now, and there is always something new!

    I followed your blog.

    I posted about the contest here:

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

  14. I read YA books because I find them the most interesting. They're much more exciting to me because I can relate to them, and there's always something fun and new coming out!

    became a follower of your blog, as well.


  15. I read YA books because it's more interesting to read books where the characters are your age (I'm sixteen). They're exciting and they have a whole blogging community dedicated to them!

    I became a follower.
    I put a link in my sidebar.


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