Monday, February 16, 2009

Palace of Mirrors

Palace of Mirrors
written by Margaret Peterson Haddix

I did enjoy Just Ella, but I didn't have high hopes for this one, as I noticed that there were new characters as opposed to a continuation. Immediately, I noticed that each of the characters was intriguing, and had a fully developed backstory, something I felt Ella lacked. I liked the characters a lot, particularly Harper. I wanted to know more, more about all of them, from Cecilia to Sir Stephen. I thought there might be a small cameo, a passing mention of Ella and/or Jed, so boy was I unprepared to see the humongous role Ella ended up playing! It was amazing, I've never seen an author so seamlessly blend a character from one novel into the next, giving a new reader a good read, and an old reader an absolutely amazing one. But that's not the only thing the book excelled at. May I just mention that this was by far the most amazing plot twist I have ever read of? It's one nobody could possibly guess, but at the same time is so deliciously twisted that you can't help but love it. Palace of Mirrors was everything you could want in a book, and I'd love to give it all the praise the literary world has to offer.

Rating: 5/5

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