Thursday, February 12, 2009


written by E. Lockhart

was a complete flop. E. Lockhart is pretty good at this, writing some books that just blow you away, some that you want to throw away. This definitely goes with the latter. I didn't go into it expecting much--theatre kids have always and will always annoy me to no end. While I did grow to love some characters, "Sadye" was not one of them. She's such a stereotypical drama girl--made up name, made up life, full of her fake self. While the narration was pure E. Lockhart, the subject matter was just...dull. I'm sure a drama lover would like it more than I did, but...I'm clearly not a drama lover. There was nothing that made me care about the characters, and the one I ended up liking most was Demi of all people (and I am quite conservative when it comes to things like homosexuality, which should tell you about the quality of these characters.) It was one of Sarah's quotes that cinched it for me: "I hated her neediness, her naked, naked feelings" and that was exactly why I hated her. The ending was unbearably horrible, another one of those books like Sweethearts where it all is going so well and then randomly and pointlessly falls apart.

Rating: .5/5

(Don't worry, I'm done with the E. Lockhart bashing for now. Coming up sometime this afternoon, hopefully, are my reviews for The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book and they are happy reviews =D)

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