Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances

Let it Snow
written by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle

Three amazing writers are brought together in this little anthology of winter romances. My personal favorite of the three stories was probably Maureen Johnson's (I'm really beginning to love her stuff!), although the other two stories were also enjoyed. Her narration style was very quirky and relatable, as were, as usual, her myriad of well developed characters. She is given the difficult task of beginning the stories, dropping hints here and there that will later have to be picked up by both of the upcoming authors. While I did love her story, the one thing that bothered me was even though it was all continued, I felt as though Jubilee and Stuart never really got an "ending", as we all know this snowy blockage would soon come to pass, and what then?
As I started reading John Green's story, I noticed the same names. Waffle House. Stuart. Cheerleaders. It was then that I actually realized that these geniuses managed to interconnect all their stories, fancy that! It was a typical John Green story, two guys, one girl, driving in car. The ending was cute, but the entire story felt lacking, as if something was missing.
The Patron Saint of Pigs was...quite hard to get through, actually. The characters were not written in a realistic way, and it was really hard to identify with them. They all spoke in likeohmyGod! speak, and there were too many random references that made little sense (at least, to me). It was highly adorable seeing all the stories connect, though!
Overall, sweet book, but it might have been done better by one author instead of three.

Rating: 4.5/5

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