Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Bests and Worsts of Meg Cabot

(many thanks to this list)

I've been re-reading a lot of Cabots lately, and felt like doing a list. Yay, lists. So here goes...
The Bests and Worsts of Meg Cabot

Best Plot:
Avalon High
honorable mention:
Mediator series

Worst Plot:
She Went All the Way

Best Title:
Princess Mia (i'm a sap, it's so simple & so awesome)
honorable mention (or the best title that could have been):
Tommy Sullivan is a Freak

Worst Title:
Every Boy's Got One (I mean, seriously, awkward much?)
honorable mention:
She Went All the Way

Best Cover:
honorable mention:

Worst Cover:

Best Continuity:
Boy... series (which isn't actually a series, but the continuity/spin-offyness is adorable)
honorable mention:
Mediator series

Worst Continuity:
Queen of Babble series

Best Moment:
End of Princess in Love (you know, the part that set off a million cheering fangirls?)

Worst Moment:
Dancing in Party Princess
honorable mention:
The awkward moments in Ready or Not. You know which ones.

Best Minor Character:
Lilly Moscovitz
honorable mention:
Douglas Mastriani

Worst Minor Character(s):
I'm going to go with the entire team of Quahogs. Especially Katie's revolving loop of guys.

Best Antihero:
Marco Campbell (?)

Worst Antihero:
Jordan Cartwright

Best Ending:
Forever Princess

Worst Ending:

Best Overall Book:
Forever Princess

Worst Overall Book:
Historical Fiction Novels (Nicola and the Viscount, Victoria and the Rogue)

and the big ones...

Worst Overall Pairing:
J.P. & Mia
honorable mentions:
Kenneth & Lilly
Suze & Paul

Best Overall Pairing:
Suze & Jesse

Worst Main Character (male):
Paul Slater

Best Main Character (male):
Tommy Sullivan
honorable mention:
Scott Bennett (?)

Worst Main Character (female):
honorable mention:
Em Watts

Best Main Character (female):
...Princess Mia. (I struggled with this one, I really did)
honorable mention:
Suze Simon

This was fun.
Feel free to do it yourself if you wish, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

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  1. You know I still haven't read a single Meg Cabot novel? I do have How to Be Popular on my shelf and I saw Mia on the big screen.


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