Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to Be Popular

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How To Be Popular
written by Meg Cabot
(I promise, this is my last Cabot for a least until I get my hands on Ransom my Heart!)

I feel like I really need to go back and read all the awesome Cabots. I've somehow managed to read the ones I like least recently. Shame. This book just irks me more than anything. I'm sure the writing is good and others can tolerate it, but the idea that someone would want to be popular is, just like Jason said, something I can't understand in the slightest. It makes relating to Steph Landry's character really difficult, hence making the book a bit of a bore. One of the main criticisms Meg Cabot often gets about her books are that they are very generic. I would never have defended that statement and would say the exact opposite--until reading this book. (On the other hand, it's really evident she had FUN writing this book, so why bother her? xD) There's plenty of originality in it, sure, I mean, a fish mascot? But the small, original details get overshadowed by the fact that this is a horribly overdone plot. Still, adorable conclusion, and it is a little relieving that Steph does learn her lesson when it comes to popularity. I just wish it hadn't taken so long, and it still feels like she has a ways to go. Yay for Jason, much luck to his fictional mind trying to de-blurrify Steph's clearly confused brain! One final note: Here's another Cabot that really would have done well with an alternate title. How to Be Popular? So overdone.

Rating: 3.75/5

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