Monday, January 26, 2009

Fly on the Wall

Fly on the Wall
written by E. Lockhart

While much about this book was unique (the entire setting, for example), for the most part, it was the very bad kind of unique. From the very beginning, the dialogue and situations were just completely unreal. And then it just worsens. The main character, out of nowhere, in a seemingly "realistic fiction" book, turns into a fly, no explanation given, not even the dreaded "it was a dream". While she is a fly, no joke, the summary on the back is not lying-she spends her entire time in the boy's locker room. We grow to love none of the characters, and the majority of time is spent analyzing...well...naked guys. It's not something I wanted to read about, and I highly doubt most others would want to read this as well. It's just gross. It's not interesting, nothing engaging, very plotless and dry, and just plain disgusting.

Rating: .5/5

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