Thursday, January 8, 2009

Booking Through Thursday-1/08/2009

It’s a week or two later than you’d expect, and it may be almost a trite question, but … what were your favorite books from 2008?

(It’s an oldie but a goodie question for a reason, after all … because, who can’t use good book suggestions from time to time?

Hmm. Can't believe I haven't answered this one on my blog yet.

Top 5 of '08

Thirteen Reasons Why tops the list by FAR.

others, in no order


Little Brother

An Abundance of Katherines

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banksons

Uglies, Breaking Dawn, Cracked Up to Be, and The Name of This Book is Secret are honorable mentions.


  1. I haven't seen these books.

  2. Thirteen Reasons Why is indeed one of the best books I read!

    2008 Top reads

    2008 review post

  3. I loved The Disreputable History and an Abundance of Katherines was great but I preferred Paper Towns.

    13 reasons is on my TRR list, looks good

  4. Thirteen Reasons Why is an amazing book!
    Would you mind doing a link exchange?

  5. Great picks. I really need to read Thirteen Reasons Why one of these days!!


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