Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catching Fire

Catching Fire
written by Suzanne Collins

While part of me is still reeling from the cliffhanger presented at the conclusion of this book, another, quite larger, part of me really strongly questions if this book was necessary. What couldn't have been accomplished through a few quick whispers strategically placed in the woods, in conversation with Bonnie, Twill, and a quick jump to the final chapter? I'm dwelling on so much of the pointlessness of everything but the last chapter. More irritating than everything else was the Quarter Quell, a seemingly desperate plot device only created to echo exactly what had happened in The Hunger Games. REPETITIVE MUCH? I got extraordinarily irritated when I even thought of the idea that it might happen again, and was disappointed beyond words when it actually became reality. I expected this book to be all about political rebellion, and I don't see why that wouldn't have been the natural continuation--but no, the wait continues for what will actually be interesting and necessary backstory, plot that will be fresh and fun to read. I am dying to know about District 13. That is really all I am desperately waiting for. Other than all that, I'm irritated by the love triangle that keeps being played out--I feel like Collins is riding the wave from Stephenie Meyer's infamous Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle hype, and that is an unappealing idea. Just choose. Everything about this book was just infinitely dragged out, and I found it to be a pretty pathetic excuse for plot. Answers, please.

Rating: 2/5

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  1. What I wanted was for Katniss to be a mentor for the next Hunger Games and was disappointed by what seemed almost like a cop-out. The action was great and Collins can write a book, but I wasn't too sure about the direction she went in, though I am so so curious about District 13 now. Although I keep picturing Escape from New York in my head for some reason.

  2. A mentor, that would have been great! Anything other than this repetitiveness we got...

    I keep picturing the rebels from Scott Westerfeld's Uglies trilogy...a lot of The Hunger Games reminded me of that book series :P

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