Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coffehouse Angel

Coffeehouse Angel
written by Suzanne Selfors

Everything about this book screams 'cute!' From the adorable homely cover, to the coffehouse setting, all signs point to this being a comfort book. Everything about this book is like that, to the point where it's one big walking cliche, and not the interesting kind, either. The kind that every cliche-bashing indie girl falls right into. It gets no better. I found it to be a cute story, but I thought it would have been an even better one had it been a short story. There is very little complexity, and everything is highly predictable. I did like how everything was wrapped up plotwise. The love triangle, if it was ever that, works out wonderfully, and Malcolm's resolution is handled with the perfect amount of emphasis--it's a huge deal, but not played off as such. I just really do think this would have been better suited for a cute little short story rather than as a full-blown novel, and I'm still not really sure what to think. Plot was fantastic overall, characters were lovable, but nothing much happened.

Rating: 3/5

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  1. I've heard others say the same thing, too cliche, etc. So I'm keeping it off my TBR list. Also the cover is not that great.


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