Tuesday, August 4, 2009


written by Alyxandra Harvey-Fitzhenry


This has to be one of the most bland books I've read recently. The plot is slightly pointless--an outcast girl who is trying to make her way through high school finds that she breaks glass when she gets frustrated, without touching it. It attempts to mimic your typical Cinderella story, but fails miserably. The writing is jerky, as if reading from an overdramatic soap opera script. There is nothing compelling you to keep reading because nothing happens. At one point, Ash's father says that he didn't want her to break a valuable piece of glasswork that belonged to Ash's deceased mother, and I thought for a moment that that would go somewhere--maybe Ash's mother had the same glass-breaking ailment and her father knew about it? Nothing. The entire story is just disjointed--Harvey-Fitzhenry should have focused on either making it realistic or a fantasy, because instead, she's jarred a tiny fantastical element in a real world that sticks out really strangely and makes for an unpleasant, awkward read.

Rating: 1.5/5

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  1. Oh goodness! Well, the cover is not very compelling and neither is the title. I'm sorry to hear it wasn't that good.


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