Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love is the Higher Law

Love is the Higher Law
written by David Levithan

I was 10 when September 11th happened.  It was difficult for a 10 year old to fully grasp what was going on.  Reading this story, written from the eyes of three teenagers who were affected by 9/11 in three different ways, allowed me a new perspective on the event.  The book was also set right in NYC, whereas my friends and I were in central Virginia when the tragedy occurred.  David Levithan crafts a touching story in a sensitive way, realistically describing what three typical teenagers would have gone through in the wake of a national tragedy that happened in their backyards.  He does his usual, incredible job of intertwining the lives of strangers, but as the saying goes, aren't we all strangers at the start?  I personally expected to read a tragedy.  I thought I'd be reading about three teens who all suffered huge personal losses, like the deaths of their parents or classmates.  Instead, I read about three teens who were able to find love and hope in a messy, confusing time and place.  I'm glad this is the story I found waiting for me.  

I got this book from...:Jefferson Madison Regional Library

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  1. Runa, this book sounds fantastic!! I definitely plan on reading this and I am so excited that you have this blog. Your suggestions will help me in achieving my new years goal of reading 52 new books. And I know that because of your suggestions they will be 52 NEW GOOD books!!


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