Sunday, February 7, 2010

Everything on a Waffle

Everything on a Waffle
written by Polly Horvath

Everything on a Waffle is yet another Newbery Honor winning parental sob story. It's a little different than the others, but the main idea still remains--an 11 year old main character with parents who are not currently in the picture. I have read three Newbery books in the past few weeks, and all three follow the exact same plot. What on earth? It's sad the first time to see a young character without parents, but by now, it's getting infuriating. Anyways, it's a pretty dull book, nothing much happens, and like The Higher Power of Lucky, it's just a long senseless ramble in book format. Again, it doesn't seem like kids of the target age group would enjoy this book very much. The one really cool thing about this book, though, is that it has recipes in each chapter. The ending was satisfying, without giving away too much, the child's dreams are, for once, indulged, although I do worry that it may give false hope to children who have lost someone close to them?

Rating: 1.5/5

I got this book from...:Chatham University's Jennie King Mellon Library


  1. I'm happy to have found this blog. I'm always looking for good books for my adolescent daughters and my 10 year old son.

  2. I liked it but thought the ending was too convenient.
    I have an award for you here.


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