Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Being Nikki

Being Nikki
written by Meg Cabot


I was not a fan of Airhead, let me say that straight out. I liked the characters just fine, but felt like nothing much really happened. Being Nikki changed all that. In this book, Meg Cabot manages to push the story along at the perfect pace, bringing all the different storylines and parts of Em's life together. What was really great about this was that while Nikki was a sequel, Cabot spent very little time going over what happened in Airhead, unlike other authors who feel the need to recap everything for a chapter or two before actually getting into the story. It all flows wonderfully with Airhead. Airhead also really ticked me off because most of the time, it just seemed like Emerson was making out with complete strangers. She's still got some of that in this book, but it's sparsely sprinkled throughout the book without being overwhelming. There's so much more time that went into plot-development, rather than exposition, which is an awesome thing for those of us who just want the story to move along. The ending could be a whole other review. Without saying too much, Christopher's story and the role he plays is greatly expanded, and readers will completely love and adore this fact. It's mindblowing how much Meg Cabot's storytelling style has changed. She ends Being Nikki in a way that will be a complete shock for Meg Cabot's longtime readers (and I'm sure newer fans will be enthralled as well). She's somehow found a way to completely captivate her readers with more plot twists than you could ever imagine, and a story that will leave you speechless and begging for more. Way to bring the A-game!

Rating: 5/5


  1. Anonymous12.7.09

    how many chapters are in this book?

  2. Sorry, took a while to reply because we're in the middle of unpacking after a move, but I believe it's 23.


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