Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bliss & BEDA

Extremely overdue review, and I really will try harder to get into the swing of things, great timing too, with Maureen Johnson's awesome Blog Every Day April project (not too late to join in)!

written by Lauren Myracle

Bliss is a new kind of book, something quite unlike anything else Lauren Myracle has written, lacking greatly in the fluffy-bunnies department. She pulls it off spectacularly, with great narration, fresh and complicated new characters, and plenty of those lovely plot twists we love so very much! Though I didn't realize at first, this book is set in the past, but the girls seem so modern in their speech and actions, everything blends in wonderfully. I loved how this was your typical YA plenty of supernatural elements, plus social commentary. The blurring of genre lines was done seamlessly and perfectly. While I had some issues with the ending and I really think the better ending would have been the less tragic one, I can see why Myracle did decide to write it as she did. I highly recommend this book--many people somehow think "supernatural? Pshh, must be a lame Twilight rip-off!" but I'm telling you, this bone-chilling novel has things much much scarier than a family of vegetarian vampires, and it's a truly original book well worth your time.

Rating: 5/5


  1. By "less tragic" do you mean tied up better and more happy? Or something else?

    The only reason I ask is cuz there's a sequel out called Rhymes with Witches so the ending for Bliss was the perfect ending because it continued on. It wasn't wrapped up neatly, though believe me, I kinda wanted that too, lol.

    But when you read Rhymes with Witches, you'll see some parallels between it and Bliss- it's fun to spot them.

  2. Wait, Rhymes with Witches was the sequel? *is confused* Bliss was written as a prequel?

    I remember reading Rhymes with Witches a while ago and thinking it was a bit chaotic, maybe reading them both together would make more sense then!


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