Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waiting For You

Waiting for You
written by Susane Colasanti


Ah, Susane Colasanti, why must you be such a genius? Words will, as is usual with her books, have difficulty describing how utterly perfect Waiting for You was. In yet another stunningly sweet book, Colasanti will have you laughing and crying and just wishing you lived your lives with her amazing characters. They come to life with quirky characteristics, up to date references (Speak! and Twisted!) and genuine, realistic speech, although there were certain times when Marisa acted a bit like a spoiled brat. Still, it was great to see another character diagnosed with an anxiety-disorder, showing teens everywhere that it's not a completely life-halting diagnosis, much like Jade told us in Deb Caletti's The Nature of Jade. Nash, Love Interest Extraordinaire, is the boy we've all wanted to meet. So many great things plot-wise, where to begin? The father-daughter bond between Marisa and her dad was heartwarming--it's really rare to see a good YA book with one of those, as they usual end up being mother-daughter girl bonding books. There's enough intrigue to leave you slightly on the edge of your seat, parts predictable, parts not so, but all entertaining to read nevertheless. Everything is so honest, current, and clear. It's what I love most--the clarity, the softness of the words, the characters, all that even reflected down to the gorgeous cover image. Colasanti truly has discovered, developed, and perfected the teenage life and voice.

Rating: 5/5

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  1. I can't wait to read this one. Actually, I can't wait to read all of Susan's books. Great review!



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