Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm so sorry for the lack of reviews lately. It's exam week, and despite a lovely and random burst of snow, postponing a few exams, it's still been a lot of studying (and a lot of procrastination while telling my parents that yes, indeed, of course I'm still studying).
It should get better soon, although I'm off to Pittsburgh for a college visit next week, so we'll just have to see!

written by Sarah Mlynowski

I hate to post yet another negative review (It really may seem like I take pleasure in it--but I really don't) but there's, again, not much positive to say. I figured I should give Mlynowski a try--her collaboration with E. Lockhart and Lauren Myracle (How to Be Bad) was a pretty good book. I thought Milkrun had an interesting premise and would also be interesting, but...there really wasn't a hook. Standard 20-something, living with a roommate, working at a boring office, looking for love. Nothing new, nothing special. The only difference with this book and any other in the stereotypical chick-lit genre is that this one actually had no resolution, while other chick-lit books have the huge romantic ending. Not good. If anything, it just really makes the main character, Jackie, appear like a serial-dater, to put it kindly. It's really bad, melodramatic writing for really bad, melodramatic characters. (And I still haven't been able to figure out the title. Is it a British thing?) All in all, very pointless, I do not recommend it. Stick to YA, Ms. Mlynowski.

Rating: 2/5

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