Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect
written by Brian Katcher

I've read some criticisms of this book, that Logan is unnecessarily antagonistic toward Sage, and while Logan's words and actions are incredibly hurtful and problematic, ultimately, he gets Sage, he changes, he evolves so much, and that matters, if not to you, then to me.  Growing up in an environment where anyone outside the "norm", whatever that means, is othered, I can relate to Logan's cluelessness.  We are all ignorant of something.  We all have things to learn and improve upon within ourselves, and that Logan was able to do so, even after making tons of mistakes, shows so much inner courage.  Anyways, I really appreciated this book, particularly its complexity, and while I'm still looking for a book that deals with transgendered teens that ends on a positive note, I know life is more complicated than that, and ultimately, the Paper Towns-esque ending is more realistic.

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