Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekly Geeks

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lots of questions on this week's post -- feel free to answer any or all!

Do you have a book wish list for the holidays? (Or is that one of those 'duh' questions?) If so,
what's on it?

Amazon wish list here. I add too many things to this, it serves as a guide to books I need to get from the library or find on book swap sites mostly :)

Are you very specific when someone asks what you want for a gift? Or do you throw caution to the wind and say, "Oh any book you choose...." Or do you prefer a bookstore gift card?

I pretty much just say they're safe with any YA book. I do love those bookstore gift cards though.

Do you buy books for people on your gift list? Do you choose books for them that you like and try to influence their reading (or hope they'll loan it to you when they're done)? Or do you get specific titles from your giftee?

I definitely buy books for people, they must be so sick of it by now :P I try to get fiction titles that are suited to their interests. Ever so often if I find a book that I love so much that I just want to pass the love on, I'll buy that for others. (Thirteen Reasons Why has been gifted many, many times)

Where do you buy your book gifts? Do you shop at local independent bookstores, or the "big box" stores? or do you shop online?

I have yet to see a single independent bookstore here in Pittsburgh. It's really shocking...

I do most of my shopping at Barnes & Noble, but I've been known to get stuff on Amazon, particularly for friends who live far away. I've just discovered The Book Depository as well :)


  1. I am the only one who gifts books to people. I go out of my way to find great books for my family, friends and children.

    Weekly Geeks: Making a list

  2. My children are getting books this year along with some toys but the books out number the toys. My post is here.


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