Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love Undercover

Love Undercover
written by Jo Edwards


Love Undercover is what you'd expect from a fluffy teen romance book. The dialogue is very cliched, as in, every single sentence has multiple sentiments that have already been expressed in that particular way by someone else. There's really not much originality in this book. It's all very unrealistic and at times, boring. It got on my to-read list due to a very strange interest I have in the Witness Protection Program, but even that didn't really deliver. The characters are all pretty underdeveloped and flat, and the reader only got to see one side of them. The male protagonist is, if possible, more "perfect" than Edward Cullen, in other words, dull as heck. Each character's storyline was very predictable with their respective resolutions. It's a good fluff read for when you want to just chill and kill some brain cells, but if you're looking for heavy fiction or anything with substance, skip this book.

Rating: 2/5

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