Monday, June 22, 2009


written by Conor Kostick

Epic is simply an epic book. It is set in a fascinating (not to mention, scary) new future, where violence is outlawed everywhere but in Epic, a game that determines one's fate. While difficult to grasp at first, readers will easily be sucked in to this intriguing world where parents and children alike win the game to live the life. While I initially found parts to be exceedingly descriptive (I'm sorry, but I don't want to read a page about salt workers), the book later on grows to be extremely action-centric. There is so much you want to know, and everything is ultimately resolved (which makes me wonder, why is there need for a sequel? More story, or desperate reaching for more material?) This is one book all futuristic sci-fi fans should read (particularly all you gamers out there!). I feel like much of it is aimed toward boys, but it can [clearly, since I'm writing this review] be enjoyed just as much by girls. Fan-tastic!

Rating: 5/5

On a side note, I swear, I'm pretty sure this book was written to make me lose the game (which I just lost. And so did you.) a lot.

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